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Unsteadiness of Discharged Mixture: A methodology for calculation of unsteadiness of two-phase mixture discharged from an orifice. The program was developed for fast and simple evaluation of unsteadiness of the spray generated by twin-fluid atomizers with internal mixing. The evaluation method is based on a simplified relationship between pressure fluctuations inside the atomizer mixing chamber and flow rate fluctuations of liquid at the exit orifice.
Two-Phase Discharge: The program is developed for calculation of parameters of choked/non choked discharge of two-phase gas-liquid flow. It was originally compiled for dimensioning of twin-fluid atomizers with internal mixing (e.g. effervescent atomizers). But it can be used also for other applications where various parameters of pressurised two-phase gas-liquid flow are to be calculated. Two extreme models are applied in adjustable combination: the homogeneous flow model and the separated flow model. Effect of the orifice geometry as well as physical properties of the fluids are included into the calculation procedure.
Two-Phase Flow Maps: The application calculates and visualizes a regime of gas-liquid two-phase flow in tubes. A number of published maps for prediction of horizontal and vertical (upward, downward) flow of fluids with user defined physical properties are available at one place. It features to estimate the regime in multiple points and offers a variability of outputs.
Other software: Various free applications for analysis of one- and two-phase flows  
Laser Doppler methods in fluid mechanics: This web site provides a guidepost to laser Doppler anemometry and phase Doppler anemometry with their application in fluid mechanics. Information here is based on twenty year experience with these systems, namely to study various two phase disperse systems such as aerosols and sprays. 
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