Laboratory equipment

List and description of laboratory equipment the department has at its disposal.

Photron FASTCAM SA-Z high-speed camera

perex.png Photron FASTCAM SA-Z is a compact, mobile, autonomous black-and-white camera suitable for recording very fast and short-period, transitional and/or stochastic processes. Available accessories are: image digitalizer and other equipment for video recording, processing and analysing. The camera is widely applicable in research, equipment design, parts/components and material testing.


System for noise and vibration diagnostics

hluk-perex-02.jpg This mobile system is designed for laboratory as well as operative/normative noise and vibration analysis, both indoor and outdoor. It is universal equipment composed of two parts: independent hand-held two-channel sound/vibro meter with the acoustic intensity probe and four-channel analyser "all-in-one" controlled with a laptop. Other equipment is available for complex noise and vibration measurement, mechanical signal diagnostics, recording, analysis, data visualization and further processing.


StreamLine Hot-wire anemometer by Dantec Dynamics

termoanemometr-se-zhavenymi-dratky-perex.jpg Hot-wire anemometry is a method of single point, time-resolved measurement of fluid flow under laboratory and/or field operating conditions. Its main advantage over the other methods is measurement at high frequency, which makes the method particularly suitable for studies on turbulence. The measuring element is represented by a wire or film heated to a constant temperature and cooled by a passing fluid. In order to maintain the electric resistance constant, the temperature fluctuations have to be instantaneously compensated for by changes to the electric current which is proportional to the speed of the fluid.


Flow Explorer Mini LDA Laser Doppler anemometer by Dantec Dynamics

laserovy-dopplerovsky-anemometr-perex.jpg The anemometer is a compact and portable device for contactless measurement of fluid flow or particle speed (aerosol, droplets, bubbles, and seeding particles). It is a non-intrusive optical method for time and space resolved measurement within single or two-phase environment based on light reflection and refraction. The apparatus performs a single-point measurement of high spatial resolution; by traversing in 2 or 3 dimensions, the entire domain can be observed.


Phase-Doppler anemometer by Dantec Dynamics

fazovy-dopplerovsky-anemometr-perex-03.jpg Phase-Doppler anemometry is a non-intrusive optical method for time and space resolved measurement in two-phase environment. It enables simultaneous measurement of size, velocity and detection time of individual particles (droplets, bubbles, seeding particles) based on light reflection and refraction within a small measuring volume. A 2D phase-Doppler analyser by Dantec Dynamics is a Czech unique laser diagnostic system of large variability of set-up that makes use of fibre optics and powerful 6W laser. It performs point-wise measurements. By sequential traversing in 2D or 3D, a complete picture of the investigated domain can be obtained. The results provide a quantitative description of the flow and can be employed as the input data for numerical simulations.


Small-scale powder disperser TSI - SSPD 3433

dispergator-pevnych-castic-perex.jpg TSI Model 3433 Small-Scale Powder Disperser is a compact and portable device for dry dispersion of solid particles in gaseous environment. It employs a turntable with a Venturi tube for dispersion of small (milligrams) amounts of dry powder. A Venturi tube creates sufficient shear forces to deagglomerate entering aerosol particles. The disperser generates a high quality and time-stable particle dispersion of a defined size range and concentration.


Condensation monodisperse aerosol generator TSI – CMAG 3475

generator-aerosolu-perex.jpg The generator is an advanced device for preparation of highly monodisperse liquid and/or solid aerosols of wide range of particle size and concentration. It is a modified Sinclair-LaMer generator, its principle is derived from controlled heterogeneous condensation; vapours of a suitable material condensate in a controlled fashion on small particles of sodium chloride which serve as condensation nuclei. Electrostatic Boltzman equilibrium of the particles is ensured via incorporation of electrical charge neutralizer krypton-85 based with activity of 370 MBq. For monitoring and recording of actual particle size and concentration, a process aerosol monitor Model TSI – PAM 3375 is employed.


Solid-state laser light sheet

svetelny-nuz-perex.jpg The laser light sheet is designed for visualisation and measurement of fluid flow. It is a unique, custom-made, compact, portable system of long-time operation. It employs a high power Nd:YAG laser of adjustable power as a light source and generates a beam which is treated to result in a wedge-like light sheet. The light source allows the geometry of the light sheet as well as the beam convergence to be set up.


Aerodynamic particle sizer TSI – APS 3321

spektrometr-perex.jpg The aerodynamic particle sizer TSI 3321 is a device for accurate measurement of aerodynamic diameter of aerosol particles. It is a compact and portable general purpose apparatus applicable to measurement of aerosol particle size under laboratory and field operating conditions. The aerodynamic diameter measurement is based on a sophisticated 'time-of-flight' technique. It is a size characteristic of a particle that determines the particle motion behaviour when suspended in the air. The sizer measures simultaneously the aerodynamic diameter and the equivalent diameter; the latter based on scattered light intensity.


Nikon Eclipse E200 optical microscope

opticky-mikroskop-perex.jpg Nikon Eclipse E200 is a robust, high quality optical microscope suitable for analysis of particles and observation of sample micro-structure. Available accessories widen the microscope applicability. Atik 320E camera is capable of black-and-white image recording. Universal Epi-Illuminator LV-UEPI provides it with phase contrast and the ability to observe objects using dark field, bright field and polarized light methods.


Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) by TSI Inc.

piv-perex-02.jpg Particle Image Velocimetry is an advanced optical visualization and measuring method for research and diagnostics of fluid flow under laboratory or field operating conditions. It makes use of a laser light sheet that illuminates the investigated region where the fluid flow is visualized by introducing the particles into the fluid. A velocity vector map is evaluated from the two subsequent images of highlighted particles taken by CCD camera. The department runs a high performance, custom-made PIV system and a small size, portable standard system; both by TSI Incorporated.


Planar Laser-induced Fluorescence (PLIF) by TSI Inc.

plif-perex.jpg Planar laser-induced fluorescence is an advanced optical measuring method for investigation of scalar fields in liquids and gases (concentration, temperature, pH, composition). It is also employed in spray research where it is known as optical patternation – a method for determination of liquid concentration. Fluorescence-active molecules contained in the fluid are excited with a pulse UV laser as they absorb the light. When recovering their energy level prior to the excitation, they emit light at greater wave length. The intensity of the light emitted corresponds to the volume of the excited molecules, and thus to concentration. Based on the fluorescence image record with a CCD camera, instantaneous distribution of temperature or concentration in a plane can be evaluated. Our department makes use of high performance, custom-made PLIF system produced by TSI Incorporated.


Helium bubble generator SAI Model 5

The generator is a compact and unique device for visualization of complex flow structures produced by SAGE Action Inc. It generates monodisperse neutrally buoyant, helium-filled bubbles of a diameter ranging from 0.8 to 4.5 mm. The bubbles follow complex air flow patterns without the risk of bubble burst or attachment to an object inserted into the flow. The system is widely applicable to all engineering issues where air flow is of interest.


Olympus i-Speed 2 high speed camera

Olympus i-Speed 2 is a compact, mobile, autonomous colour camera suitable for recording very fast and short-period, transitional and/or stochastic processes. Available accessories are: image digitalizer, laptop and other equipment for video recording, processing and analysing. The camera is widely applicable in research, equipment design, parts/components and material testing. 


Newton thermal manikin

2012-11-02_12-24-22.jpg A thermal manikin of an average human body shapi is used for assessment of thermal comfort of indivuduals both indoors and outdoors, and for assessment of thermal insulation properties of clothing or other equipment for sport or work activities.