Building up an experimental house

The idea to build an experimental house with the aim to do research on ventilation emerged when the Department of Thermodynamics and Environmental Engineering of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Brno University of Technology joined RESHYVENT  (RESidential HYbrid VENTilation) project under the 5 th EU framework programme. The experimental house was intended for investigation of hybrid ventilation under the Czech Republic conditions at first. The idea of a simple structure which would resemble a laboratory rather than a residential house was soon abandoned though. A new plan was drawn up – a demonstration family house – thermal insulation parameters of which exceeded considerably those required by current standards and which was equipped with a modern hybrid ventilation system along with other energy saving systems related to heating and ventilation. The main idea behind the new plan was to serve the general public and/or the experts as a demonstration project of demand controlled ventilation implementation in the Czech Republic.


Project GAČR 101/09/H050

Research on energy efficient equipment to reach comfortable indoor environment