Aerosol research laboratory

laborator-aerosolu-perex.jpg The department systematically and at the state-of-the-art level builds up facilities for experimental research into aerosol transport and deposition. It is equipped with up-to-date instrumentation for preparation and experimental research of liquid and solid particles. The research activities conducted currently at the laboratory include elucidation of transport of various type particles as well as assessment of their deposition during inhalation into human airways. The laboratory fundamental component is a test rig for aerosol preparation, its mixing with air and measurement of flow operating parameters.


Spray research laboratory

laborator-spreju-perex-02.jpg The workplace has 15 year hands-on experience in the field of atomizers. It runs a laboratory unique to the Czech Republic that is equipped competitively with other top laboratories across Europe.The typical application lies in research and diagnostics of atomizers for automotive industry, combustion chambers of turbo charged engines, desulphurization plants, cooling in metallurgic processes, combustion of waste fuels, pharmaceutical industry, air humidification etc.


Laboratory of local ventilation systems

laborator-vetracich-systemu-perex.jpg The Department of Thermodynamics and Environmental Engineering runs a laboratory of ventilation systems that is fitted with high quality experimental equipment and advanced instrumentation.The laboratory allows to solve a wide spectrum of problems associated with air flow with the use of advanced optical methods. It is intended and accordingly equipped for testing of devices that are associated with ventilation of rooms or vehicle cabins. The current research carried out at the laboratory focuses on car vents development and their measurement in operation; the fundamental research conducted concerns pipe flow and close-to-wall flow.


Laboratory of thermal comfort

2012-11-02_12-59-59.jpg The laboratory or its team deals with the research and development in the field of air-conditioning systems that are employed to adjust indoor environment quality of vehicle cabins or buildings; it also includes testing the system effect on thermal comfort. The main demand today is development and design of such air-conditioning systems that provide optimum thermal comfort at the lowest energy and operating costs. 


Computer cluster

Cluster Become student at our department and gain access to our hardware and specialised software.  


Solar chimney

komin1.jpg The measurement of test solar chimneys began in March 2003. It is obvious from the design of the experimental device the results of winter measurement or more specifically under conditions of outdoor temperature much lower than that of the laboratory hall indoor are not much of an interest. Under such conditions, the main driving force that causes ventilation is buoyancy due to the temperature difference between the hall interior and exterior, hence the solar chimney acts as a traditional stack ventilation shaft. Neither are the mentioned conditions interesting from the point of view of a solar chimney, because the traditional stack ventilation is usually capable of meeting the required air change. In addition, natural ventilation makes it rather difficult to employ any heat recovery equipment which might constrain its utilisation, and thus solar chimney application, to situations in which ventilation does not represent an unacceptable heat loss.


Climate chamber

komora06.jpg Complex simulations involving a car surrounding environment have become a must for car designers. They account for the artificial global (solar) radiation along with alternating cycles of climatic load which combine dry and wet cold according to regional climate apart from the others. Such simulations enable imitation of atmospheric effects that are closely corresponding to real operational conditions of a cat. The chamber serves for testing of cars as a whole or just vehicle cabins at particular climatic conditions. 


Laboratory of heating

Laboratory task It tests thermal performance of heating bodies and various designs of floor heating. The set-up board contains a number of control and measuring components operated under a computer control. The computer is also in charge of data acquisition. 


Laboratory of computer-aided measurement

2561243705_ea11e77277_o.jpg The laboratory is concerned with software and hardware development for measurement conducted by other laboratories especially.