StreamLine Hot-wire anemometer by Dantec Dynamics

termoanemometr-se-zhavenymi-dratky-perex.jpg Hot-wire anemometry is a method of single point, time-resolved measurement of fluid flow under laboratory and/or field operating conditions. Its main advantage over the other methods is measurement at high frequency, which makes the method particularly suitable for studies on turbulence. The measuring element is represented by a wire or film heated to a constant temperature and cooled by a passing fluid. In order to maintain the electric resistance constant, the temperature fluctuations have to be instantaneously compensated for by changes to the electric current which is proportional to the speed of the fluid.


  • constant temperature anemometer - CTA
  • portable, three channel measuring system StreamLine by Dantec Dynamics
  • determination of single or up to three components of velocity vector at the point of measurement (single, two or three wire probe) or simultaneous measurement with up to three probes
  • small probe size, measuring of part size starts at 1 mm
  • fast frequency response, sampling frequency up to 400 kHz


Typical applications

  • velocity field and turbulence mapping in fluids, boundary layer flow
  • especially suitable for highly turbulent flow of wide range of time scales
  • accurate single-point velocity measurement of large dynamic range
  • studies on aerodynamics and hydrodynamics of a free jet velocity flow, pipe flow or close-to-wall flow
  • specification of boundary conditions for computational models (CFD)


Provided outcomes

  • time record of up to three components of velocity vector at a single point may provide:
    • power spectral density of velocity fluctuations
    • autocorrelation function 
    • statistical moments of velocity
    • turbulence characteristics
  • by sequential scanning, the entire 1D/3D domain can be measured


  • Škoda auto a.s. (Analysis of jet directioning and homogeneity as generated by dashboard vents. Flow in the vicinity of dashboard defrost vent) (2007-2011)
  • Honeywell (Measurement of turbulence intensity)

Related publications

Contact person

Jan Jedelsky, Ph.D., Associate Professor
phone: +420 54114 3266 | e-mail: jedelsky@fme_vutbr_cz

Energy Institute, Department of Thermodynamics and Environmental Engineering
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Brno University of Technology
Technicka 2896/2, 616 69 Brno, Czech Republic

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