Aerodynamic particle sizer TSI-APS 3321

spektrometr-perex.jpeg The aerodynamic particle sizer TSI 3321 is a device for accurate measurement of aerodynamic diameter of aerosol particles. It is a compact and portable general purpose apparatus applicable to measurement of aerosol particle size under laboratory and field operating conditions. The aerodynamic diameter measurement is based on a sophisticated 'time-of-flight' technique. It is a size characteristics of a particle that determines the particle motion behaviour when suspended in the air. The sizer measures simultaneously the aerodynamic diameter and the equivalent diameter, the latter based on scattered light intensity.

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  • cm3real-time measurement of the aerodynamic particle diameter ranging from 0.5 µm to 20 µm at high resolution within the entire range
  • simultaneous measurement of scattered light intensity over the equivalent particle size range between 0.4 µm and 20 µm
  • measurable particle concentration range from 0.001 to 10,000 per ccm
  • particle type: atmospheric solid aerosols and non-volatile liquid aerosols
  • resolution of the aerodynamic diameter 0.02 µm and 0.03 µm for particle size of 1.0 µm and 10 µm, respectively
  • maximum measuring frequency greater than 200,000 particles per second programmable sampling period from 1 second to 18 hours per sample
  • Aerosol Instrument Manager Software for measurement and data analysis compatible aerosol dilutor TSI 3302A is available
  • Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer Spectrometer 3936 (available at the department) can be combined with Condensation Particle Counter Model 3007


Typical applications

  • filter and air-cleaner testing
  • studies in inhalation toxicology and drug delivery
  • research on biologic aerosols
  • atmospheric studies
  • ambient air monitoring
  • indoor air quality testing
  • measurement of particle size and aerosols for further testing


Contact person

Jan Jedelsky, Ph.D., Assoc. Professor
phone: +420 54114 3266 | e-mail: jedelsky@fme_vutbr_cz

Department of Thermodynamics and Environmental Engineering
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Brno University of Technology
Technická 2896/2, 616 69 Brno, Czech Republic

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